HTML5 Game Devs

A vibrant community forum of people who are passionate about HTML5 Game development. A great place to get help and advice if you’re new to game dev or want to get some tips.

Making the Move to HTML5

An interesting series of articles by a games studio started by former console developers that have now moved to the more open HTML5 format. The article is in 3 parts: Part 1 – Reasoning and Benefits Part 2 – programming considerations Part 3 – Technical considerations

Making Money with HTML5 Games

An interesting look at the many ways you can make money with HTML5 Games. Currently the commercial market for these games is quite small – but with the ever expanding smartphone market it can only continue to expand. MarketJS seem to think you can make a 5 figure salary from HTML5 games – which I… Read More ›

Nintendo HTML5 Web Framework

At GDC 2013 (Game Developers Conference) this year Nintendo announced that they have a HTML5 web framework for developing Wii U applications. It seems they’ve also opened up the usage to smaller developers allowing more people than ever to develop content for Nintendo platforms. This is fantastic news for game developers – and great for… Read More ›