Weave Silk

Weave Silk is an interactive HTML5 experiment that uses the power of the browser to create beautiful things. There’s not much more to say really – it makes use of modern technology to create lovely looking artworks.

Atari HTML5 Games

Atari – of all people – have put together a massive resource explaining how to build a HTML5 game with loads of code samples and all sorts. The HTML5 Games resource is really comprehensive and covers all sorts of areas, but it’s definitely for those who have some experience with developing with HTML5 and javascript…. Read More ›

The Wilderness Downtown

An interactive film by Chris Milk. Featuring “We Used To Wait” by Arcadefire and built in HTML5. There’s so much cleverness in this video. Besides drawing stuff on the html5 canvas element – there’s all sorts of things like actions triggered by the music, in particular browser windows opening and closing. Plus – there’s Google… Read More ›

Find Your Way To Oz

An interactive journey through Kansas – that takes you on a balloon ride to Oz. A promotional interactive site created for the 2013 Disney Movie – Oz the Great and the Powerful. There’s a case study (and tutorial) on the development of the Oz project over at HTML5 Rocks. The demo makes use of webGL… Read More ›